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May 26, 2014

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We’ve added the functionality to view your TimeForge invoice as a PDF. This functionality also provides you with the ability to print your invoices. The information on the invoice includes the invoice number, TimeForge plan, reseller information, and payment options. You can easily access your invoices from the “Payment Options” page. Alternatively, if you have administrative access, you can simply find your invoices from the “Admin” page.

PTO and Leave Types

We’ve added new functionality to the PTO approval process. Now from the “Approval Managers” tab on the “Leave Types” page, access can be set for managers that allows for three different options. Managers can either:

  • approve everybody’s PTO including their own,
  • approve everybody’s PTO other than their own,
  • or not able to approve any PTO whatsoever.

Additionally, we’ve added a new way to create Leave Types.

This new concise view of the Leave Types allows you to quickly set-up and customize your Leave Types. First, you select your start and end days. So, if you want to accrue for the month, you could put the start day equal to 1 and the end day equal to 30. Alternatively, if you accrue for the year, you can put 1 for the start day, and set the end day equal to 365. You also select the carried amount (if they carry over a set amount of hours) or the carried percentage (if the carry over is a percentage instead of a set amount). Lastly, you designate how many hours are accrued for the period as well as the maximum number of hours that the employee can accrue.

Note: If used, these options will override the other options on the screen.  

New Reports

The “Daily Schedule, Attendance, and Hourly Sales Cheat Sheet” report allows you to keep track of your schedule, attendance, labor costs, and sales all in one document. With this report, you can see your labor variance and compare that to your hourly sales for any given day. So, if you want to quickly see your daily labor variance, find out who’s been consistently late, track labor costs, and keep an eye on your sales, you no longer have to shuffle a bunch of papers around or keep track of this information by yourself. TimeForge does it all for you.

The “Locations Flag Report,” can be very handy for businesses using multiple locations. This is a corporate report that summarizes and prints the settings at all locations in your business so that you can quickly identify anything that is set up differently.

Don’t forget, you can set up reports in TimeForge to automatically run and be sent to any email address!


  • Customers no longer have to enter daily sales percentages to save a sales category.
  • Manager mode now works with the mobile TimeClock app.

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