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What Is Applicant Tracking?

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Applicant tracking is simply the way you view and manage potential applicants for a job. Keeping track of all the paperwork involved in hiring new people can be a pain without the right tools. Technological advancements in labor management software have led to applicant tracking systems that can give you an easier and faster way to manage the employee hiring process. Applicant tracking software helps ease your pain by offering a regulated system with all information in one central location. If the software is accessible online, this “central location” is accessible from anywhere. Since many applicant tracking systems are web-based, eligible supervisors and managers can log in to view applicants, post job openings, and manage the entire employee hiring process from their computer (or tablet, or smartphone).
Most online versions (like TimeForge’s Applicant Tracking) also enable eligible supervisors or managers to view each candidate’s cover letter, resume and any notes that other interviewers have made about them. In these systems, eligible managers can also rate their impression of the candidate, which makes it easy to see the top players at a glance. An applicant tracking system can even help you get to know an applicant before an interview by creating your own questionnaire for job applicants to answer before they submit their cover letters and resumes.
With more government reporting regulations, there can be more complications and a bigger potential for mistakes. Online applicant tracking systems can help you adhere to government reporting regulations, so you can avoid hefty legal fines! Since applicant tracking systems are dropping in price, they are an affordable option for all sizes and types of businesses.
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