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August 15, 2014

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Hello, everyone!
We’re always trying to improve the TimeForge experience for all our users. That’s why we’re especially excited about our conversion of code, which we’ll be wrapping up in the next few weeks. Basically, we’ve been updating every line of our code (the “magic” behind the scenes of TimeForge) to make things run more seamlessly and efficiently. The code conversion should also boost the speed at which we can add new features. Although this process has been challenging, we’re nearing the end and are confident that all of our users will experience the benefits.
Here are a couple of other updates we’ve been working on.
Employee Attendance with All Payroll IDs Report
We’ve added a new employee attendance report that also shows every payroll ID. In addition to showing the start/end times, regular and overtime hours, and break times for employees, this report includes the payroll ID for each location, department, position, and employee. This report is great for managers and accounting teams who need a quick reference of  any particular payroll ID.

24 Hour Time on Reports
We’ve added a new personal setting in the “My settings” tab for managers. You can now choose a default setting for reports to display in 24 hour time as opposed to an AM/PM time format. Currently, this functionality exists for certain schedule reports, but we are working to add this to all reports including attendance and HR. Although this setting will change the default format, you can always quickly change between these two settings on the report configuration page while running a report.

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