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For restaurateurs: a word about our valued TimeForge partner, Best of Breed Solutions.

Best of Breed Solutions takes the guesswork out of finding a multiple vendor solution.

Best of Breed Solutions operates with the sole intention of increasing your profit. The best way for a business to operate is by incorporating solutions from multiple vendors. The idea is that multiple companies can each focus their resources on one specific part of your operation, rather than one company trying to juggle all of the intricacies of your business operations with limited resources. This multiple vendor solution provides you with considerably more resources at your disposal than a single company could offer. However, tracking down which company is best for each part of your operation can be a daunting task. That’s where Best of Breed steps in. They find the best companies so you don’t have to search.
The best part: Best of Breed is totally free to you!
Read more about Best of Breed or contact them now to see what they can do for you!
TimeForge is a Best of Breed labor management software, which will streamline your operations to offer the most efficient solution in scheduling, human resource management, attendance tracking, turnover reduction, and communications. Sign up for a free trial today to see what TimeForge can do for you!

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