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Changelog for May 13, 2012

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This is what we’ve been working on:

Request number 1281 (ShiftBuilder™ Improvement)

The issue: In some instances, the coverage that the ShiftBuilder™ generates based on Sales or ShiftBuilder™ rules has employees coming in for less time than the minimum duration defined by the user. Basically, the ShiftBuilder™ wants to maintain the coverage necessary, but can’t also follow the user-defined rules that prevent it from scheduling an employee to only come in for 30 minutes or an hour – so it was deciding to “call in” an employee for a short shift (break the minimum duration rule), rather than operate short-handed.
The fix: The ShiftBuilder™ can now follow both the “minimum duration” rules and the “minimum coverage” rules – now it just combines any short shifts to create larger shifts.
Request number 1289 (Link Beyond Allowance)
The issue: A user had access to a link that he was locked out of.
The fix: That link has now been modified to ensure allowance compliance.
Request number 1284 (New Sales Report)
The issue: A user with several locations needed a new report for their sales data.
The fix: We built him a new report! Sales and Labor Comparison 2
Request number 1293 (Auto-Clock Out at Department Level)
The issue: A user was concerned about the effectiveness of the Auto-Clock Out feature. It wasn’t working for them.
The fix: The options needed to be set at the department level, and they hadn’t been. When using departments, many of the Attendance Options are department-specific, so they need set for each department.
Request number 1294 (Aloha Tips v. Gratuity)
The issue: A user needed a differentiation between gratuity and tips, and that wasn’t supported by the TimeForge Aloha translator they had installed.
The fix: Now, when using Aloha Translator 2.5.2, gratuity can be separated out from the regular tips.
Request number 1301 (AM/PM Calculation in Attendance)
The issue: There was an issue with the Attendance calculations with shifts spanning noon or midnight, if the account has Events, and the shift is tied to an Event.
The fix: Some new queries are showing up to look for miscalculations and prevent this issue. (The software now has a “fail-safe” that’s sole purpose is to find miscalculations if they occur)
Request number 770 (New Availability Reports)
The issue: We had several requests for new availability reports!
The fix: We added them! They are available in your account – go check them out!
Other items:
A potential fix to solve the QuickBooks integration name issue has been done.
Some bulk editing fixes have been completed.
New weather polling is being done by weather underground. We now retain the highs and lows for the day, as well as precipitation. This was added for our customers in industries with sales affected directly by weather conditions.
An issue for emailing schedule reminders has been fixed.

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