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Changelog April 20, 2012

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April 20, 2012

Here’s what we’ve been working on:
Request number 1270 (Importing Sales)
The issue: When importing sales, TimeForge was not importing the first row because that is usually the header row. This was causing the import tool to exclude one row of sales for a user who does not include a header row.
The fix: The software now determines whether a header row is present so sales are not missed.
Request number 1260 (On-Screen Keyboard)
The issue: The on-screen keyboard was not available for users when declaring tips, so they were forced to use a keyboard or declare their tips via a manager at a later time.
The fix: The on-screen keyboard is now available to users for declaring tips.
Request number 1254 (ShiftBuilder)
The issue: The date or day in the ShiftBuilder required scrolling, which was inconvenient.
The fix: The ShiftBuilder date or day is now available without scrolling.
Request number 1249 (Corporate On-Screen Keyboard Settings)
The issue: The on-screen keyboard is awesome, but one of our users needed more options to be available at the corporate level, so that the settings applied globally.
The fix: The on-screen keyboard’s settings can now be set globally from the corporate level. Options include a full keyboard, a 10-key keyboard, or no keyboard.
Request number 1248 (Attendance Options for Departments)
The issue: Some users who use TimeForge Departments need employees to be clocked into their “default” departments automatically, while others need their employees to be “unassigned” while clocking in, for managers to “assign” correctly later.
The fix: There is a new setting inside of the Attendance Options which allows each location to decide how employees are added, be it to the employee’s default department, or as “unassigned”. We can also notify managers of employees who are “unassigned” to make sure these employees are properly “assigned” to correct departments so that payroll is processed properly.
Request number 1247 (Future Sales)
The issue: Some TimeForge users, like caterers know their actual sales in advance, but TimeForge would not allow actual sales to be entered for the future, as most industries do not have the ability to know their future actual sales!
The fix: Actual sales can now be entered in for the future.
Request number 1246 (Edits when Switched User)
The issue: When making edits while switched into another user’s account, TimeForge’s audits were recording the wrong person as making the edits.
The fix: TimeForge now properly records the actual person making the edits, rather than the person who had been “switched into”. So, a user can’t switch into another user’s account to make it look like someone else made the edit.
Request number 1239 (ADP Double Overtime)
The issue: The TimeForge ADP payroll export did not support double overtime as a separate column. This is a necessity for TimeForge users in California.
The fix: When exporting overtime and double overtime to ADP, there is a new column with the double overtime, for proper payroll processing.
Request number 1238 (Mobile Attendance Costs)
The issue: The attendance costs were not rounding properly on the TimeForge Mobile App.
The fix: They do now!
Request number 1237 (Sales Forecasting)
The issue: One of our users is finding that his Sales Forecasting is not what he expected.
The fix: TimeForge needs more data to make an accurate forecast. We are building a Restaurant Manager POS Sales Integration to ensure that more Sales data can be pulled into TimeForge.
Request number 1217 (Per Shift Costs)
The issue: Employee pay rates were not calculating correctly when the employee’s pay was “per shift” and was using the TimeClock.
The fix:  Costs are now calculating correctly when a user sets the cost to be “per shift” and uses the time clock.
Other items we solved:
Text message reminders for shifts now have the date on them.
When clicking on “Show employees at the location”, managers can change any employee for any department, even those that they do not belong to.

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