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Changelog: April 21, 2014

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We’ve been working on some updates this past week to make your TimeForge experience even more enjoyable! Here’s what we’ve been up to.

OnPay Payroll Export

OnPay has been added to our list of available payroll exports. Alright!

Badge Reports for ISS45

The TimeForge “Badge Report,” which produces a note card sized scannable barcode, is now available to our customers who use the ISS45 POS. Now, you have the ability to pull employee information directly from your ISS45 POS into TimeForge, and create a scannable ID for any employee.
HR Documents Upload
For the TimeForge customers using Human Resources, the process to upload HR documents to TimeForge has been simplified. Now, your files are uploaded as soon as you select them so that you know your important documents will be saved.

 Coverage Sheet with Breaks

Our new report, “Coverage Sheet with Breaks” shows the scheduled shift for your employees as well as the actual time your employees took a break or lunch. The breaks and lunches show on the report in 15 minute intervals, so the entire day is covered. You can now quickly see if your employees are taking breaks at the right time and for an appropriate length of time.


  • The day of the week has been added to shift confirmations so that you don’t have to reference a calendar

  • Customers experiencing issues with the timeclock URL have now been resolved.

  • Customers who had problems with the Open/Bid shift total cost on the 7-Day Schedule report have now been fixed.

  • The “Create New Availability Request” page no longer displays hours if the request is all day.

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