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Changelog for April 9, 2012

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April 9, 2012

Here’s what we’ve been working on for this version:
Request number 1207 (Canadian Providers)
The issue: We didn’t support enough Canadian cell service providers, so some Canadian customers’ employees were unable to receive text message notifications.
The fix: We now support some new SMS and text message carriers for Canada, including Fido.
Request number 1213 (California Double Overtime)
The issue: Because our reports don’t have a separate field for double overtime, it appeared to not be calculated correctly. It was calculating correctly, just not being displayed separately from the regular overtime (1.5x or “time and a half”). This generally only affects users in California.
The fix: No fix was necessary, because it was calculating correctly. However, the developers are looking into reports to determine if an alternative is going to be necessary to prevent overtime confusion.
Request number 1218 (Location Cost)
The issue: One of our users has a POS integration, and the installer in this integration does not have a value set, causing the account to not calculate the location cost.
The fix: We set a value on that user’s installer.
Request number 1222 (Daily View Pop-Up)
The issue: The Daily View pop-up was not always calculating the correct number of shifts per employee for the schedule, depending on the start day of the week.
The fix: The Daily View pop-up calculates the number of shifts correctly now, regardless of the start day of the schedule.
Request number 1225 (Forecasting Improvements)

  • On the Sales Categories page, we now show the last time that the TimeForge system forecast was run, and you can request to “Reforecast”, forcing the software to re-run the forecasts for that location within the next several minutes (20 – 30 minutes).
  • A new field for the sales category allows you to determine how much data is needed to do an “accurate” forecast. This is currently defaulted to 1 year.
  • A new sales option allows you to forecast 24 hours per day, or to forecast only the open hours.

Request number 1227 (Printing Hours)
The issue: Some users need to print overtime and regular Attendance hours.
The fix: Now you can print overtime and regular Attendance hours when these are moused over.
Request number 1230 (SurePayroll Export)
The issue: The SurePayroll export stopped working.
The fix: The SurePayroll export works again!

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