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Changelog for April 30, 2012

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Request number 1274 (Switch between Daily and Weekly View)
The issue: The Scheduler wouldn’t let you switch out of your default view if there were no shifts on the schedule, so if you were just starting to build a schedule from scratch, you couldn’t switch to any other Schedule Views until you added a shift!
The fix: The developers modified this to allow you to go wherever you want to, regardless of whether your schedule has any shifts in it!
Request number 1276 (PTO in Payroll Export)
The issue: There was an unexpected issue with paid time off, where the PTO would be approved but wasn’t showing up in the payroll export.
The fix: The developers got the issue sorted out and now PTO displays appropriately in the payroll export.
Request number 1278 (Enforcement Overrides)
The issue: Manager overrides on schedule enforcement required a username and password at the website level, which can take a few extra seconds to enter if they are long.
The fix: Now, managers can use internal numbers and passwords to do overrides. These are each 4 digits long, and are numbers so they are faster to enter than a username. For example, a username (like “themostawesomemanagerever”) and a password (like “mydogsnameisfluffy1980”) takes longer to type than an internal id (like “2233”) and a password (like “1980”).
Request number 1279 (Sage File Export)
The issue: The Sage export needed double-checked.
The fix: The developers double-checked it!
Request number 1280 (Choose Employee in Edit Attendance)
The issue: When setting the employee in the “Edit Attendance” page, TimeForge was defaulting to the Corporate Owner.
The fix: TimeForge doesn’t default to the corporate owner anymore!
Request number 1285 (Change Department During Shift)
The issue: While an employee was still clocked in, Manager or Supervisors (whoever has the permissions) were unable to change which department that employee was clocked into until after they clocked out.
The fix: Now users with the correct permissions can change which department the employee is clocked into while that employee is still clocked in.
Request number 1275 (Weighted Averages)
The issue: We have been working fiercely to add more functionality to TimeForge’s Sales Forecasting!
The fix: We now have implemented a Weighted Averages feature to the Sales Forecasting tool.
Request number 1226 (Quickbooks)
The issue: The Quickbooks integration wasn’t working as it should.
The fix: The Quickbooks integration now works with the new QB SDK versions 11 and 12!
Other items:
Reports are now emailed out based on the timezone for the location and/or corporation

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