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ChangeLog for March 20, 2012

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March 20, 2012

It’s been a while … there’s a LOT here!
Request number 1162, 1178, and 1189 (Shift Range Rules)
The issue: A user needed the ability to enter ranges of sales data into the ShiftBuilder.
The fix: You can now use the Shift Builder with ranges of sales.  IE, from 100 – 150 in sales, I need 3 employees.  This rule is exclusive of all other rules.
Request number 1188 (Double Employees in Bid Shifts)
The issue: Individual employees were showing up as having bid multiple times for the same shift.
The fix: We fixed it! Employees can only bid on a shift once now.
Request number 1184 (Position Needed to Clock In)
The issue: A user’s employee was unable to clock in.
The fix: We added a position to that employee. Employees without positions assigned to them cannot clock in because TimeForge doesn’t know “what” they are clocking in as.
Request number 1175 (Monthly View Last Day)
The issue: There was a bug where last day of the month was sometimes not showing up for users who were scheduling my month.
The fix: The last day of every month shows up in the Monthly View of the schedule now!
Request number 1174 (Shifts)
The issue: One of our users wasn’t able to find some shifts.
The fix: Unfortunately, we couldn’t fix it, because we were unable to reproduce the problem.
Request number 1105 (Text Messages)
The issue: Text messages that were sent were ridiculous and often “cropped” by text providers, because the TimeForge introduction words were so excruciatingly verbose!
The fix: We took away all of that unnecessary stuff, so now your text message looks pretty awesome.
Request numbers 1170 and 1166 (TimeClock Sync)
The issue: Two of our users’ TimeClocks weren’t syncing to TimeForge like they were supposed to.
The fix: The TimeClocks didn’t have a way to send the attendance information for reasons unique to those users. We fixed it for both of them.
Request numbers 1150 and 1161 (Daily View Chart in IE and Chrome)
The issue: The chart in the Daily View of the Schedule was not lining up with the shifts when viewing it in Internet Explorer or Chrome.
The fix: The chart lines up with the shifts now, and we found that the issue also affected Templates, and fixed it there too.
Request number 1160 (Scheduling Events by Employee)
The issue: One of our users was able to get an employee who doesn’t have the right HR certifications scheduled to an event that requires specific HR certifications.  It was only happening if you were scheduling by employee instead of by position.
The fix: HR Certification rules now apply, regardless of how you sort your shifts.
Request number 1151 (View Preference for Employees)
The issue: We had added the ability for users to set a preference as to which Schedule View (Daily or Weekly) they wanted to set as a default. Employees were also given this option, even though they can’t access the schedule in the same way managers could (IE they had a setting that didn’t do anything for them).
The fix: We took this unnecessary preference setting away from employees.
Request number 1142 (Department ID’s)
The issue: A user needed to have multiple departments with the same department ID’s.
The fix: TimeForge now allows that.
Request number 1119 (Aloha “NOPRINT”)
The issue: In Aloha, there is a field called “NOPRINT” which, if set on a position, marks the position as salaried, rather than hourly.
The fix: Well, now we know!
Request numbers 978, 1010, and 1120 (Multi-site Specific Overtime!)
The issue: This was a long time coming.  Some users needed to be able to select only specific sites to be considered when calculating overtime. Why?  Because if some of the sites are seasonal, overtime may not need to be calculated.
The fix: You can now decide which sites are considered when looking at overtime, and which are not.  For example, if Sarah gets overtime everywhere, then all of the sites she works needs to have overtime set (either 1.5, 2.0, or CA OT).  However, if she only gets overtime at the “50th Street” location, then the other locations can have their overtime turned off (inside of the Set Up -> Settings).
Request number 1102 (Overtime Reports Include Today)
The issue: Overtime reports were including “today” twice (once as a schedule, once as attendance).
The fix: The reports now only include the attendance (not schedule) for today.  Also, a new overtime report that shows only hours is now available.
Request number 1117 (Speed Improvements on Sales Reports)
The issue: Some of the Sales reports were taking 3 to 5 minutes to run!
The fix: We’ve whittled those Sales reports down to take less than 30 seconds. This is the first step in a series of speed improvements.
Request number 1066 (Hiding Zeros)
The issue: Two Sales reports were listing zeros in the row, even if the whole row was nothing but zeros.
The fix: Now, those two reports will hide zeros on the row, if the whole row is zeros… These reports are “Sales Breakdown by Date and Department” and “Daily Sales Breakdown by Date and Department”.

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