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ChangeLog for March 30, 2012

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March 30, 2012

What we’ve been working on for this update:
Request number 1203 (Locked Out User Issue)
The issue: A user’s employee was locked out of being able to log in!
The fix: We figured out how to let him modify his credentials and log in.
Request number 1202 (Alerts)
The issue: Alerts weren’t specific enough for users with POS integration.
The fix: Alerts with a POS are more specific (telling the user which schedule and/or template and/or location that users are still active, when they cannot be terminated).
Request number 1201 (ADP “Don’t Export” Option)
The issue: A user needed the option to not export the hourly rate to ADP, because managers were updating the hourly rate in ADP and not in TimeForge – causing TimeForge’s hourly rate to be out of date, but override the changes made in ADP, reverting the hourly rate in ADP back to the “not-updated” rate in TimeForge. It was a “who wears the pay rate pants” issue between TimeForge and ADP.
The fix: TimeForge added an option for that user to not export the hourly rate to ADP, letting ADP be the “master record” without TimeForge overriding it with every export.
Request number 1200 (T-Mobile)
The issue: There were some weird things happening when TimeForge sent text messages to T-Mobile users.
The fix: It’s fixed!
Request number 1198 (Emails)
The issue: A user added two employees and they were unable to log in using their email addresses – the same method that all other employees were logging in.
The fix: We set these users up with usernames and password, and that worked for one of them. The other one is Request number 1203 (also solved)!
Request numbers 1196 and 1197 (SurePayroll)
The issue: The TimeForge SurePayroll export was having some issues. It was formatted as “Employee work hours per shift” per line, instead of “Employee work hours per period” per line, and it was re-formatting hours into “1 digit” when opened in “spreadsheet” reader programs instead of text viewer programs.
The fix: The SurePayroll format is now two digits and formatted so that the export works seamlessly.
Request number 1192 (Modified Punch Report)
The issue: A user needed a report of only “Modified Punches” (only those Attendance entries that have been changed after they were entered) to compare to their HR documents and files for record-keeping.
The fix: We built the report!
Request number 1191 (Syncing)
The issue: Syncing employees and positions to TimeForge was taking about 12 minutes for some users!
The fix: It now takes less than 1 minute!
Request number 994 (Emergency Contact Report)
The issue: A user needed a report of emergency contacts for their employees.
The fix: We built the report!
Request number 1134 (Terminated Staff)
The issue: Terminated staff were being displayed in the pop-ups when looking at preferences.
The fix: Terminated staff aren’t displayed there anymore – they are “hidden” like they are supposed to be.
Some significant speed improvements around the application… the Daily View now loads in around 2 – 5 seconds for just about any schedule (much faster for most users). The Today page and Corporate Today page now load a bit faster (using our roll-up tables).

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