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Changelog for May 29, 2012

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Busy, busy developers… Here’s what they’ve been working on!

  • Some TimeForge users needed the capability to set weekly costs that divide evenly across shifts. Now they can.
  • New forecasting algorithm was only doing one day, it now does 90 days.
  • New average of variance algorithm available – does some cool stuff!
  • Sales issue is being resolved. The cause was a non-obvious presentation of data to the user.
  • Uploading of employee images now works in all browsers.
  • PTO was not calculating correctly for a customer, this has been resolved.
  • Disappearing event column when some events were scheduled for one customer. This is resolved.
  • Shift swap issue was reported and resolved.
  • Upload documents tool now works across browsers.
  • Location-level reports now run on the individual location’s time zone.
  • Surepayroll format has been updated (old)
  • Speed for specific customers running on older versions of IE has been improved.

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