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Clock In and Clock Out Alerts

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Are you tired of sitting in front of the time clock to see when your staff members show up to clock in, or clock out for their shift? Monitoring time clocks is a time consuming way to manage employees and while it can often be an effective way to reduce payroll expenses, it also increases frustration and costs among managers and supervisors.
TimeForge already supports a number of ways to manage staff members without sitting in front of the time clock including:

  • Online employee work scheduling accessible over the Internet,
  • Web-based attendance that can be viewed remotely,
  • Enforcing the schedule with a grace period for clocking in or out,
  • Identifying “most different” time punches, and
  • Allowing other staff members to act as a witness when employees show up before they are scheduled to work

We now go one step further! Fully manage your business remotely!
TimeForge can notify managers or supervisors when employees show up early or late, and when clocking in or clocking out. There are four new “Alerts” inside of each supervisor and manager account, controlling when alerts are sent to management personnel.

For example, you can receive email and TimeForge notifications when staff members show up more than 10 minutes early for their scheduled shift.
To configure these Alerts, log into TimeForge, go to your Settings page, and configure the applicable Alerts.
You should be using a labor management system to make your life easier! TimeForge can quickly and easily build your staff schedules, manage attendance, reduce labor costs, and streamline employee management. Sign up for a trial today!

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