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Connecticut Discusses Sick Days for Restaurant Workers

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Because TimeForge tracks Time and Attendance (employee time cards, sick days, vacation time, and PTO requests), we try to keep current on the many issues surrounding employee work scheduling and payroll in the restaurant and retail industries. One of the hot topics of the moment is that Connecticut is discussing sick days for restaurant workers.

The debate on mandatory paid sick days resurfaced in Connecticut at the end of March 2009 as legislators debated House Bill 6187.

What is House Bill 6187, and what does it mean for restaurant workers in Connecticut?

House Bill 6187 proposes to mandate 6 paid sick days per year to businesses with 50 or more employees.

Proponents support this bill as a health policy issue because sick food service workers can spread illness. Sick employees can make the public sick, which creates a public health concern. Proponents are also emphasizing the family friendly aspect of this bill, believing that it is an issue of fairness.

Opponents to House Bill 6187 cite workplace flexibility and scheduling concerns as reasons for opposing mandatory paid sick days. They also argue that the bill will burden employers and may cause businesses to make cutbacks.

The Connecticut Restaurant Association (CRA), as well as other orgs, are tracking the issue of sick days for restaurant workers. Whatever the final outcome of the bill, you can count on TimeForge. Our software is designed to minimize the burden of accurately tracking paid sick days and other requests for time off.

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