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Efaxing: How and Why

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As a software company, TimeForge stays up to date on the latest and greatest, so I often write about the monetary advantages that technology can offer business owners. One area that I haven’t paid enough attention to is efaxing. Don’t worry, I won’t be listing any particular companies you should “check out”. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s an offer of information made with the intention of saving your business money and saving you time. If you want to know my opinion on any efax companies, just email me ([email protected]), and I’ll share what I know.
As businesses convert to paperless (or reduced-paper) systems, and owners and managers do more of their work remotely, an electronic fax system is becoming a must-have. Traditional fax machines require you to be physically near them to receive (or send) a fax, but electronic faxes can be sent and received by email or through an internet connection. You can send or receive faxes on your home computer, laptop, smart phone, or fax machine. TimeForge users will definitely understand the advantages of remote access!
There are many efax services available for business owners. ChooseWhat is a great review/comparison site for small business owners. Here’s their page about online fax services.
By sending and receiving faxes electronically, you can reduce the amount of paper and ink (money) you waste, and you’ll have instant electronic records of purchase orders, contracts, employee notes, disciplinary action forms, etc. Perhaps the most budget-friendly aspect of efaxing is the ability to use the system as an ideal (and cheap) scanner/copier. (TimeForge HR users can understand the human resource ease-of-use implications here!)

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