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Employee Scheduling Done Right – The Newest Version of TimeForge

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New and existing TimeForge users received a major upgrade on Thursday night, as the TimeForge system was updated to provide more flexible scheduling, new time and attendance functionality, and brand new Communication Log features! Some of the new features include:

  • Availability Requests have been upgraded and are now easier to use. Outstanding employee availability requests are presented as part of the schedule making process and employees are constantly informed of any changes to their availability.
  • Never accidentally schedule staff before or after closing the store! Open and closing times can be configured while making the schedule, and warnings are displayed when staff are scheduled before the store is open or after the store is closed.
  • Employees are automatically notified by text message when management approves a shift swap.
  • Export punch-in and punch-out times to payroll for easy processing. TimeForge has partnered with CompuPay, a leading provider of payroll for small-to-medium retailers and restaurants. Hours can be exported to CompuPay with a single click!
  • Easily identify which employees need to work in specific stations or sections, and schedule these positions with a single click. No more typing “Section 1” or “Pizza” or “Lane 3” when making schedules!
  • In accordance with state and federal laws, each position (or job code) can have multiple pay rates, depending on the time of day. Always make sure that employees are paid appropriately!
  • Employees can now search for a shift to pick up, or can pick up any shift that has been given up shift by another employee , if approved by management.
  • Support for delivery drivers is now included! Drivers can enter tips and mileage for their shifts directly into the TimeForge Time and Attendance module.
  • Support for break and meal periods has been enhanced, and managers can now create specific break and meal periods for each shift when building the labor schedule.
  • Decisions about your business that include the weather can now be made directly from TimeForge. TimeForge includes weather forecasts on the “To Do Today” page.
  • New reports! New TimeForge reports include summary reports for time and attendance, as well as several new scheduling reports.
  • Are employees asking for the ability to print the schedule, or a copy of the request log? A setting inside of TimeForge will allow employees to print their own copy of the schedule, breaks, or requests.
  • Does your shift need more information than TimeForge normally provides? You can now enter shift notes directly on to the schedule while building shifts!
  • Significant improvements to TimeForge Attendance were made , time and attendance entries can be sorted a number of different ways, and a note can be entered for each attendance entry.

As always, feedback on the new TimeForge functionality is always appreciated!

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