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Ethan's Thoughts About Customer Relationships

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Ethan Daniel, TimeForge Developer
Understanding the difference between networking and actual relationships could very well make or break any company or organization. What is the difference between the two? Is the status of a relationship determined by the amount of time the two parties communicate or perhaps the quality of the communication? Maybe it’s something else; maybe it has more to do with the motives driving the communication. I would be inclined to believe it’s a little of all these things. For example, if I really wanted to help my customers, and was genuinely concerned about their business, I would call often and work hard to provide reliable solutions for them. If the motives are pure and wholesome then the rest will follow.
We all know this to be true, that if someone in your family needs your help you’re not going to ignore them or give them an unreliable solution because you care about them. Why not carry these real-life applications into the business world?
Everyday thousands of people count on TimeForge for various things and I see no reason to let them down. We will continue to build long lasting, meaningful relationships not for personal gain but because we care and want to see our customers succeed.

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