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Carlee's Message to Employers of Gen Y

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We recently hired a new employee, Carlee, who you may speak to on the phone if you call here.   She had this to say about our software, after sitting through a few hours of training:
I have recently been hired as an employee at TimeForge, and I have learned how to use the software. TimeForge is a great scheduling software and it is easy to learn. It keeps all of your employees organized and even specifies what position certain employees are in the company. Many teenagers would like TimeForge because it is so easy to use. TimeForge is practically self explanatory which means employers would not have to spend a lot of time training their employees to use it.
When using TimeForge, employees can easily view their schedule, attendance, and requests. Their employers will enjoy TimeForge because of the easy management of employees. TimeForge is also very beneficial because it notifies employees of when they are working and when their requests to work or not work have been granted or not granted. Employers can easily view their employee’s requests and accept or deny them as necessary and they can also make comments about their employee’s habits such as if they clocked in and out on time or if they are hard working, which is important when working with young people.
Overall, TimeForge would be beneficial to restaurant and retail companies that hire young people because it is so easy and manageable. When using TimeForge, you can go to one place to do all of the things that are necessary for scheduling employees for your business. TimeForge is a convenient and reliable way to handle all of your scheduling needs.
Did Carlee convince you? Well, if you need just a bit more information before purchasing TimeForge, read what some TimeForge users are saying. We also offer a totally FREE   10-day trial. Go ahead, sign up for your free trial and see what your employees think. Oh, and you’ll like TimeForge too! Once you experience the ease of use and the elimination of missed shifts and mis-communications, you’ll consider how much money you are losing unnecessarily. Yeah, go sign up for your free trial and see what TimeForge can do about those lost profits.

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