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A Greener Office

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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marking Associate
I’ve decided to take the initiative to make our TimeForge office more green!! Not literally…but environmentally.  I noticed that I go through a lot of paper each week, just from taking notes on what I’m doing or on a support call. And of course, I’m one of those people that is super conscious about whether or not I’m helping or hurting the environment. Just the other day I threw out a glass jar, and as I did so I was thinking, “I bet this can be recycled. That’s just one more thing to be added to a landfill.” And in my mind a picture formed of a giant mountain made of plastic bottles and bags, glass jars, and cardboard boxes, just rotting away in the sun when they could have been recycled. Weird, I know.
So, I’ve been aware of all the paper I’ve been throwing away and thinking about how much of it I could be recycling. So yesterday I approached Anthony and asked him if he could pick up another trash can to keep around the office so that I can start an in-office “paper recycling program.” And he said that sounded like a great idea!
So as soon as we get a trash can, I will be in charge of paper recycling. *beams with pride* I said I would be more than willing to run the paper to the recycle bin behind one of our grocery stores and make sure the trash bag of paper is changed as needed. Now, not only am I the paper recycling guru, I have also taken a load off my conscience by helping out Mother Earth!
TimeForge does so much to help our customers make their entire labor management process more green.  I’m glad I’ve been able to make our office more green too.  Not to mention, I won’t feel guilty for using an extra page or two for notes!
Leave your comments below to let us know what your office does to help out the environment!

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