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Halloween Giveaway!

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Halloween Giveaway Offer

Great news! We’re doing a Halloween Giveaway this year! Purchase the most advanced labor scheduling system available, TimeForge, before midnight on October 31, 2007, send us an email explaining how TimeForge has made your life easier, and receive 10% off of our monthly prices!

The Details

To qualify for the offer, login to your TimeForge account by going to the website, and then click on the “Setup” tab, and then click on “Payment Options“. Sign up for one of our monthly plans, which are $9$24$49, or $98 per month (per location).

Note: Sign up will require either a monthly credit card draft or e-check draft.

Then, send a quick one-or-two line email to [email protected] explaining how TimeForge has made your life simple. If you want to write more, feel free! Our support team will immediately reduce your monthly bill by 10% (for the next 12 months) upon receipt of the email.

The new monthly rate will be $8.10$21.60$44.10, and $88.20 respectively (per location).

You could save more than $115 for every location / unit in your business!

Why are we offering a discount?

The development team has been hard at work developing the next major release of (version 2.0). Version 2.0 is right around the corner, and will include many new features, such as employee messaging and overtime calculations.

We will be increasing the monthly pricing to account for the increased functionality. However, we will honor the current monthly pricing structure for at least 12 months for all of our clients, and you will receive all of the new features of at no additional cost!

We hope you enjoy this Halloween giveaway! Bonus, in case you missed it this summer: how TimeForge makes labor management EZ.

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