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Halo POS Restaurant Data

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The restaurant industry has seen some up and down months over the last year, according to the National Restaurant Association. Halo, an online provider of restaurant and retail point of sale software, just released their “Halo Zata Restaurant Index” for March. If you haven’t heard of Halo, they’re a growing company in the world of restaurant POS. Halo is also known for their restaurant POS data and the Halo Restaurant Index.

What is the Zata Index?

The Zata index tracks the number of new stores opening to create a “guesstimate” for restaurant growth per month. Updated example: during December of 2010, the Zata Index estimated that 26,000 restaurants opened during the month.

How does it work, and what does it have to do with Halo POS restaurant data?

The Zata index tracks gross sales made by Halo’s US-based customers, and this month’s numbers show that there may be a light and the end of the economic tunnel. The month of March saw a sales increase of 0.7% – a sign that the U.S. restaurant industry might improve soon. Read more about Halo POS at their website, and keep track of their blog to see updates on the Halo Zata Restaurant Index.

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