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Happy New Year From TimeForge!

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The 2008 year has come to a roaring close and the staff at TimeForge would like to thank you for helping us provide powerful software that lets you compete in business, and be happy in life.
As many of you have probably discovered, TimeForge received massive updates on Wednesday and Friday.   These updates fix a number of software bugs that were reported, and it also includes more than two dozen brand new features available for TimeForge users.
Some of these new features include:
New Reporting Tools! We’ve have released a new reporting solution to provide you with greater control over sorting order, font sizes, and better reports.   All of the TimeForge reports have been re-written to give us enormous flexibility in the coming months.   Be prepared for new reports, and new ways to look at them (exporting to Excel will be available soon).
Automatic Sales and Inventory Forecasts! In addition to being able to track Manager Projections and Actual Values, TimeForge Sales will automatically predict and forecast sales and inventory values , accounting for factors such as seasonality, current staff levels, and others.
Corporate Level Employees! For our customers that manage multiple locations, you can now view employees at the corporate level , all locations in a single list.   Employee management has never been more simple!
Need to Track Certificates, Uniforms, or Employee Reviews? You can now track all of this using the TimeForge Certifications!   TimeForge Certifications can include tracking of test dates, the score received on the test, and when the test expires.   Certifications can impact the schedule, providing warnings when employees with expired certifications (or missing certifications) are scheduled to work.
Smarter AutoScheduling! The AutoScheduler has been improved to look at previous scheduling assignments, and learn how to better assign staff members.   The AutoScheduler can often build the same schedule that the manager would!   Less typing means that schedules are made faster so you can go home early.
Employee-Centric Schedules and Attendance! Need to find out when Sally or Tom works next?   Don’t want to have to go click on the schedule or search the attendance records?   No problem!   Go to your employee list, find the employee and click on “Edit”, and you will see two new tabs, “Schedules” and “Attendance”.   Find out when Sally or Tom is scheduled, or actually worked, in the upcoming weeks, or any previous time period.   Instantly change the schedule directly from here.   We even show schedules from multiple locations!
Break Improvements , Remove Breaks from Calculations. Some businesses track schedules by looking at the whole time that the employee is at work.   Other organizations prefer to ignore unpaid breaks (such as lunch breaks) in the time and cost calculations.   Both paid and unpaid breaks can now be removed from the schedule calculations by changing a few TimeForge settings.
Payroll Period Tracking , If you use TimeForge Attendance, you can now identify your payroll periods and run reports using these periods, rather than entering your own time ranges.   Payroll periods can be set up for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payroll.
Of course, there were numerous other minor improvements made to TimeForge, including a streamlined sign up process, easier template management, and much more!

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