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Import Employees, Positions, and Departments

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One of the most frustrating aspects of labor management systems is the process of inputting all of the data needed to use a employee scheduling, time and attendance, or complete labor management system.
Almost all of the labor management systems on the market today (including TimeForge) require that users input and set up:

  • Employee names
  • Positions and job codes
  • Base pay rates
  • Basic labor rules (how many hours per week an employee can work, etc…)
  • Email addresses
  • Department names
  • Phone numbers
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Specific pay rates for employees
  • Hire dates
  • Birth dates
  • Payroll ID’s
  • … And other data points that are relevant to labor systems.

Most frustrating is that most users already have much of this information living inside of other documents, such as the payroll system, point of sale system, or various Excel documents.   Re-inputting all of this data can be a huge waste of time.
TimeForge recently introduced an Employee, Position, and Department Import Tool, allowing users to import most of the above information directly from a CSV file or an Excel file.   The tool is very simple to use – simply collect the information together into a CSV file, and then upload the file to TimeForge.
You will have the ability to view the data before it is import, and TimeForge will automatically handle any necessary updates to your existing data.   The Import Tool can be found in the Setup menu.
TimeForge labor management software provides employee scheduling and attendance management for operators, managers, and owners of bars, clubs, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses to improve profits, reduce turnover, and increase retention.

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