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June 17, 2014

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Manager Email for PTO Approval

Managers who are allowed to approve PTO and other Leave Types are now able to receive email notifications that a time off request has been submitted from another manager. This way, if one manager wants to put in for time off, but company policy prohibits managers from approving their own PTO, another manager can be notified via email to approve/deny the request.

Attendance Reports for Deleted Departments

We’ve added the ability to view attendance from deleted departments. Now, if you had any attendance entries in a particular department that’s since been deleted, you’ll still have the option to choose that department when running a report. The deleted department will appear with an asterisk next to the department’s name. An example is given below where the deleted department is outlined in red.

Note: There must be attendance in the deleted department for it to be available on the report. Additionally, if departments don’t immediately appear for selection, first input a date range and departments will be available for you to choose. 


Attendance Notification and Breaks

 The option displayed below gives managers the ability to receive notifications when an employee is nearing their maximum weekly hours. This number is first based on the employee’s weekly maximum, and then on the weekly maximum for the location. For example, if your watching your part-time employee’s hours so that they don’t go over 29 hours in a week, which could affect your company in regards to Obamacare, you can set this option to alert you when they hit 28 hours so that you know to send them home.

This option now calculates breaks in real time. So, if your employee is on a paid break when they reach their 28th hour, you will still receive an alert that they are nearing their weekly maximum.


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