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National Restaurant Association 2009

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Whew!   We are done with our whirlwind through the NRA 2009 trade show in Chicago, IL – what a great two days.
We are a technology company with a focus on operations and human resources for restaurants, retailers, and other businesses that hire part-time employees – we spent a lot of time examining the trade show and looking for improvements in technology for operations or human resources.
Some of the very neat technology at the show included:

  • Dinerware POS is a phenomenal Point of Sale system, and one of our valued partners.   Several sales staff and other partners were on site to show off their latest version.
  • Silverware POS recently debuted and released a best-of-breed restaurant POS product, Avrio, which was onsite at the show.   What a wonderful group of individuals, and a great product!
  • MonkeyMedia Software displayed their rocking catering software outside of the Technology Pavilion.   They caused a bit of a commotion by handing out bananas!
  • QuandraNet is similar to OpenTable, but with a very, very smart table management software program that increases table turns in addition to handling reservations.
  • Corvirtus was showing off their products that take the guesswork out of hiring. Very neat algorithms, and years of research create a great hiring tool.   Wonderful stuff.

Overall, the show attendance seemed to be down compared to last year, which seems to be the general consensus.
TimeForge employee scheduling and workforce management software is used by managers, owners, and operators of retail stores, restaurants, bars, grills, clubs, and other service-oriented businesses to increase profits, reduce turnover, and improve retention.

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