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ObamaCare: Is it My Job? Virtual Conference

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By Rebecca Scott and Jackie Kafka, Marketing Team Members
Do you know whether you’re ready to face the Affordable Care Act (aka the ACA or ObamaCare) head on? ObamaCare is going to change the roles of Human Resources, Operations, and Information Technology.
ObamaCare is rolling out a slew of compliance mandates that each business must meet in order to avoid having to pay a penalty. One of the most important aspects of complying with ObamaCare is figuring how many part-time and full-time employees a business has – with a new definition of full-time. This means keeping track of scheduled hours and managing a stable ratio of full-time and part time employees.
You must also decide whether or not your business is going to play or pay. If the answer is play, then your business must ensure proper coverage is offered to full-time employees. If the answer is pay, you’ll still need to track employee hours and comply with new Federal reporting requirements.
All of these changes mean that your department personnel are going to have some new responsibilities. The HR staff will need to manage the new reporting processes; operations and store manages will need to ensure a stable ratio of full-time and part-time employees; and IT managers will need to provide tools that allow HR and Operations perform these new tasks.  And, of course, each department will need to work together to make sure everything runs smoothly.
This all seems like a lot of information, but we’ve been staying on top of ObamaCare regulations so that we can make it easier for you to understand! One of TimeForge’s founders, Anthony Presley, is speaking at a virtual conference for that will make things a lot more clear. The conference is on June 17,  from 12:00 – 1:00 PM eastern time.  You can sign up by clicking here, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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