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Online Employee Schedules are the "Way to Go"!

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Rebecca explains why it makes sense to use the web to manage your employee schedules, along with everything else.
by Rebecca Scott, Marketing Intern
The internet is continually on the rise and many web services are now flourishing. People are using the web for connecting with friends and family, entertainment, purchasing products, scheduling appointments and much more. Companies are taking advantage of this trend in several ways, such as selling products and services online, communicating with customers, and quickly getting their message and information out to the masses. But one of the most prominent ways is the use of a web-based, online labor scheduling service. Companies around the world are turning to online labor management tools for scheduling, attendance tracking, reporting, and forecasting sales.
Managers in the restaurant industry spend a vast amount of their time building rotating employee schedules. Scheduling employees requires managers to juggle availability sheets, requests, log books, and memorize overtime regulations and labor laws. With an online labor management tool, everything is all in one easy-to-use place and can be accessed with a simple click. Managers have the ability to create and publish schedules online in a matter of minutes. Employees can view their upcoming schedules, as well as input their availability and requests from any internet enabled device. Employees will always have their schedule at the tip of their fingers.
Aside from scheduling, managers can also track and edit attendance. With an online tool, managers can view and edit attendance from that comfy sofa in their living room. Managers can have the ability to track time off, vacation, sick leave, PTO and easily view comprehensive reports. Hours that staff members work are recorded and ready for review at any time. Overall, this can eliminate overtime, reduces costly payroll mistakes, and stops employee buddy punching.  Also, the employees love having the capability to view their time-cards online, so they know what to expect come payday.
Sounds awesome, right? TimeForge provides you with all these online tools mentioned above and much more. We even have mobile apps! We are an easy-to-use web application that can be accessed remotely by both employees and managers. Whether you manage 5 employees or 5,000, online labor scheduling software is a worthwhile investment. Properly managing labor saves time and money, and improves job satisfaction for both employees and managers. If this sounds like a good fit for your business, sign up for a free trial!

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