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Onward and Upward

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TimeForge is expanding!   We’ve been growing like crazy over the last few years (non-stop double and triple digit growth), and our existing servers are starting to feel some pain generating payroll, calculating schedules, processing requests for our TimeForge mobile app, and doing the things that make TimeForge great for your business!
This weekend, we will be getting a major upgrade!   We are changing data centers, and adding some brand new shiny servers to help process your data.

Data Center Masterpieces?

(The picture is from Gizmodo’s Data Center Masterpieces … and doesn’t resemble the TimeForge data center at all.)
More specifically, we will be moving our servers from one physical location to another location (two miles down the road), and adding some new servers, a process which will not affect any of your data , but will mean that TimeForge is unavailable for a few hours.
We’re working to minimize the downtime for your TimeForge data, but as-of right now, TimeForge will be down for maintenance on Sunday, October 9th, from 1am CST until 4am CST.
Again, we’re very sorry for this inconvenience, but the end result of this move will be almost unlimited expansion for us (and your data), a very fast network, and added redundancy and speed when you access TimeForge.
Technical Note: Our new data center will continue to have the exceptional security that the old data center had … it’s a SAS 70 Type II environment, with redundant power, network, and cooling, and is suitable for handling everything from health care and HIPAA to credit cards and PCI compliance.   Just like our last data center!

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