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New Payroll Period

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Running payroll reports can be a tedious process, and running a report over the wrong payroll period can cause payroll errors at your business.
TimeForge allows you to run any report using an arbitrary date period, or you can use predefined payroll periods, such as bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, or even twice per month (on the 1st and 15th).
Using the built-in payroll periods provides three distinct benefits inside of TimeForge.

  • Simple reports. Pick one selection from a drop-down box, and you no longer need to remember the exact payroll dates for that month.
  • Payroll Approval Process. TimeForge Payroll Approval provides a simple and easy way to scan all of the attendance data for the period, and identify potential problems, theft, erroneous logins, or other costly mistakes.
  • Sick / Vacation / PTO Tracking.   TimeForge PTO can track vacation time, sick time, or other paid or personal time off.   Tracking PTO requires the use of TimeForge payroll periods.

TimeForge is a leading provide of powerful and simple-to-use employee scheduling and online labor management software for the restaurant and retail industries. TimeForge software is used by restaurant owners and operators around the globe to increase profits, reduce turnover, and improve retention.

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