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Using QuickBooks for Accounting? Use TimeForge for Labor Management!

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One aspect of labor management that can prove tiresome to both new and experienced managers alike is the process of approving and exporting payroll. This usually includes multiple steps, including the collection of time punches, payroll review and corrections, as well as approval of the payroll. After payroll has been approved from the time and attendance system, you need to get the data into the payroll company.
TimeForge has a new version of our TimeForge-QuickBooks integration software to make managing payroll for restaurants, retail, and hospitality businesses with multiple locations/stores simpler and more affordable.
Thanks to our recently updated TimeForge-QuickBooks software, users can easily connect to multiple stores/locations and retrieve payroll, hours, and other related information. TimeForge is able to import payroll information from QuickBooks for immediate processing; all you have to do is approve the payroll and print the checks!
This new version includes a number of updates, new features and improvements to make maintaining single and multiple-unit businesses more simplified and less time-consuming. TimeForge QuickBooks gives business owners the unprecedented ability to control and view many controllable aspects of the business, at multiple locations, from a single computer. Simple cost controls within TimeForge translate into immediate savings for your business!
You can download the latest version of our QuickBooks software from our downloads page!
Remember: Streamlined labor management is critical for retail and hospitality-related businesses.
Labor is one of two cost centers that can be directly controlled by management – the other expensive cost center is inventory. Controlling the labor at a store by as little as half a percent has the direct effect of improving profit by half a percent.
There is no easier way to improve your profitability than with TimeForge!

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