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Quickbooks and TimeForge

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You asked, and we now have it!   TimeForge now integrates with Quickbooks, Quickbooks Pro, and Quickbooks Enterprise to provide a complete labor management solution for your business , whether you are operating an independent business, a franchisee or franchisor, or are part of a corporate chain.
Now, using TimeForge you can:

  • Create fast employee schedules with TimeForge.
  • Communicate upcoming work schedules and schedule changes to staff members with TimeForge.
  • Capture time punches (employee clock in and clock out) with TimeForge (or use one of our integrated partners , like Dinerware).
  • Review and approve time cards for payroll with TimeForge.
  • Export the approved payroll to one of our supported 3rd party vendors with TimeForge.

TimeForge supports a number of 3rd party payroll vendors, including ADP, Paychex, CompuPay, SurePayroll, Heartland Payroll, and others.   Now, with the TimeForge Bridge to Quickbooks we also support Quickbooks, Quickbooks Pro, and Quickbooks Enterprise.
For more information on using the TimeForge Quickbooks Bridge, please contact TimeForge support.
The TimeForge Bridge to Quickbooks will be appearing in the Intuit Partner Software directory soon.
(Please note, exporting payroll requires the use of TimeForge Attendance.   We do not support the export of employee schedules for the purposes of running payroll).

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