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Restaurant Scheduling Software and Holiday Magic

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By Isla

Scheduling for busy seasons can cause serious headaches for employers, especially if they don’t have a great restaurant scheduling software to help them. Believe it or not, restaurant scheduling software can be used for more than just the restaurant industry. Take grocery, for example. The green-tinged haze of Saint Patrick’s day subsides and livers everywhere whisper their thank-yous, but stores immediately begin bursting with stale chocolate eggs and less-than-trustworthy malted treats in preparation for Easter. How do they make sure they have enough staff to get the work done?

As a kid, I was always fascinated with how stores seamlessly transitioned from one holiday to another. How did they manage to erect those behemoth arrays of chocolate in a holiday conforming shape? Who did the work? Picasso? Rembrandt? No. At the time, I was convinced it was elves. Elves that were fueled by nothing more than heavenly stale chocolate and the determination to succeed in life. I, clearly, wasn’t exactly correct.

They say age brings wisdom. When I realized that store displays were not magically created by elves driven to keep up with the busy season, but rather by hard-working men and women, I was actually more impressed. I saw that giant Halloween jack-o-lantern filled with candy in a whole new way. I, being my clumsy self, can barely walk down the street, much less create an exquisite store display. So, that brought me to my next question: When do these men and women actually master the art? It never dawned on me that people actually work at night. But, when I entered college, I quickly realized working at night is a very real thing. This very real thing can create a very real problem because, without adequate night staffing, especially during busy seasons, a glorious eight foot tall chocolate bunny made of miniature chocolate bunnies turns out looking more like a deformed rat with a limp.

It’s important to save your business from the embarrassment of people confusing Thumper with Whiskers the alley rat. However, for some managers, coordinating the schedule for their employees is as taxing and complicated as the bunny itself, because they haven’t yet discovered the magic of a restaurant scheduling software. They may think that what they really need to build is an elf to schedule the people building the bunny. Never fear, there is a solution for those staffing woes. A great restaurant scheduling software can help make your employee scheduling easier, no matter your industry. With tools like an AutoScheduler and a few clicks of a button, you can ensure that Whiskers won’t be visiting your store anytime soon. It’s a little magic, and it’s as amazing as a football endzone constructed out of soda cases.

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