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The TimeForge Setup Wizard was designed to simplify the process of inputting information that TimeForge needs to most efficiently help you manage your labor.
The Setup Wizard will walk you through setting up basic information about your company and staff, like basic staff information, a list of your positions, etc… It also captures your location information, which is displayed on reports (printables), so you never need to worry about determining what schedule applies to which location.

Your location information is displayed in a header on reports.

The Setup Wizard will also ask you some basic questions about how your store is organized. This information helps TimeForge more accurately customize our systems for your maximum convenience and ease-of-use. You shouldn’t have to re-organize your business just to use our product; TimeForge customizes itself to your business. Our “fill in the blank” format saves you tons of time (money), and makes setting up your account easy and fast.
Choosing your own starting day of the week is one of the many little ways TimeForge minimizes your discomfort when getting used to our scheduling system.

Entering information about the operations of your business has never been more simple.

Information about your employees makes contacting them simple. Just enter their email addresses, and TimeForge automatically emails them with a prompt to set up their account. Once their accounts are set up, TimeForge can notify each employee (according their preferences) via email, facebook notification, and/or cell phone message. We make an automatic audit confirming that the employee received notification of the schedule. Never again will you hear, “I didn’t know I was scheduled”!
Add employees to the account fast using our easy "fill in the blank" format, or simply upload an existing employee list from Excel! Super fast!

After supplying position and employee information, your basic set up is complete – you’re ready to start building a schedule!
If you’d like to try out our industry leading software, simply sign up for a free trial of our staff scheduling software, or take a more in-depth look at our labor management software.

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