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Simple, Fast Employee Scheduling for Your Business

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Choosing a simple and easy-to-use labor scheduling program takes time. Above all, you want your employee scheduling system to be fast and worth the cost. Someone with buying authority and an operations background in your business must:

  • Research the available programs
  • Contact each vendor, if you have time
  • Track down customer references (lots of customer testimonials are on our website)
  • Narrow down the list of vendors
  • Evaluate each program (every TimeForge user gets a free trial)
  • Purchase or finance the software (TimeForge is affordable, and payment is automatically drafted every month)
  • Install and set up the software, if required (no software to install with TimeForge, as it lives in the cloud)
  • Train all team members (TimeForge training is free)
  • Hope that the software works as promised (no contracts are required with TimeForge, and you get a free trial if you want it)
  • Pay ongoing maintenance and support fees (no ongoing maintenance or annual support fees with TimeForge)

Luckily, our team has done the research for you!

In addition to our own TimeForge employee scheduling product, provides a list of many of the software products available for labor scheduling and WFM in small, medium, and enterprise level orgs. The new scheduling site covers software for the retail, restaurant, food-service, motel, hotel, hospitality, and grocery industries.

How long does it take to make an employee schedule? It should take less than 5 minutes! Did you know that labor costs could be as much as 30% of your expenses? TimeForge can help streamline and minimize labor costs through effective employee scheduling at your restaurant, bar, or club.

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