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Support for Salaried Employees from within Dinerware

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Do you want to be able to track salaried staff members from within Dinerware Point of Sale?   TimeForge now supports employees who are salaried / full-time from within Dinerware , so you can track full-time employees, as well as hourly / part-time staff.
To enable support for salaried staff members, first make sure you are running the latest TimeForge-Dinerware Bridge software.   Then, while inside of Dinerware, open the employee, and edit their positions / job codes.   Set the hourly payrate and the overtime payrate to be $0 / hour, and then save the information.   Run “Synchronize Now” in the TimeForge Translator, as well as the TimeForge Connector (or, just wait for the two systems to automatically synchronize themselves).
Now, you can log in to TimeForge, and go to the employee list.   Find the staff member you modified, and edit their account.   Scroll down to the list of employee positions, and you will see that you can change the payrate / payscale for this employee , it is no longer controlled by Dinerware.   You can now set TimeForge to export a fixed rate, or fixed hourly amount, when the payroll export is run , regardless of any timepunches within the Point of Sale system.
These employees will still need to clock in / out inside of Dinerware, but these time punches will be ignored for the purposes of running payroll reports on TimeForge.
TimeForge reduces turnover and improves retention while freeing up management time and increasing store profitability at your business!   TimeForge employee scheduling and labor management software is used by owners and operators of hospitality, food-service, retail, and other service-oriented businesses around the world.

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