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Swapping Shifts at Work

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How Labor Management Software Simplifies Shift Swaps and Lessens Employee Turnover

Swapping shifts at work is surprisingly easy these days. Technology has come a long way, especially in the service and retail industries. In the past, managers kept employee details and schedules on paper. If an employee wanted to swap shifts, they had to be on site or had to make several phone calls. The manager would then have to make adjustments to the printed schedule.

Not anymore.

Today, many managers generate schedules online and keep time electronically using labor management software. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, by 2022, 50% of large companies will invest in making HCM-related tasks more automated. For managers and staff, one advantage of online scheduling is that it can simplify the process of swapping shifts at work (or remotely). TimeForge, for example, allows managers and employees to easily request, accept, and approve shift swaps from anywhere. All you need is a browser or a mobile device.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you might want to switch to a solution that supports online shift swaps.

Benefits for Managers

One of the biggest benefits for managers is saving time. By enabling shift swaps online, you free up your managers to do more important things, like keeping your customers happy. Managers spend more time on the floor and less time making changes to shifts.

TimeForge allows managers to quickly view and approve (or deny) a shift swap request. If approved, TimeForge updates the schedule with the correct employees. The manager doesn’t have to do anything extra to keep the schedule updated.

TimeForge also quickly notifies managers when a shift swap request is entered. No more being hassled by your employees to review the request and give an answer. In addition, the original employee remains on the schedule and is responsible for the shift until a shift swap is approved. This ensures that the shift remains covered no matter what.

Finally, if enabled, TimeForge automatically approves shift swaps for managers. This allows employees to work with each other and gives the manager the freedom to handle other pressing matters. But, it’s optional – managers can choose to approve or deny each swap if they prefer to have more control over the schedule.

Benefits for Employees

Just as it helps managers, TimeForge also makes swapping shifts at work easy for employees. Staff members can give up their scheduled shifts to be picked up by other employees in TimeForge. All it takes is a few clicks. When giving up a shift, employees may leave a message if they want, and they are prompted to confirm the day and time of the shift, which helps reduce errors and confusion.

When an employee reviews the available shift swaps, they only see shifts for dates and times they are able to work. This keeps things simple for staff members, as they don’t have to sort through shifts they can’t work.

TimeForge sends alerts to the right employees when a shift swap is approved or denied. Remember, the employee’s name stays on the original schedule until a manager approves the shift swap.

TimeForge makes it easy to schedule employees. When swapping shifts at work becomes this simple, both managers and employees feel happier and become more productive members of the team. Because shift swaps happen online and are cloud based, you don’t have to worry about losing track of important details. You have access to all the info you need through a browser or smart phone. Anytime, anywhere. Call us today to find out how you can simplify your employee scheduling!

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