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Texas Restaurant Association Show (Part 2) – 2008

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Additional highlights from our four days in Houston at the Texas Restaurant Show included:
Steve Green of Pizza Magazine Quarterly and had the US Pizza Team showing off their skills at the show. Steve stopped by on Tuesday and took a look at TimeForge , it is a perfect labor solution for pizzerias without a Point of Sale solution, and TimeForge is a great add-on to help control labor costs for those pizza shops that already have an existing POS program.
Dave Hwang from DinePoint was in the area attending the show, and we spent some time with him discussing plans for his above store reporting software package. He has had great success with a number of Point of Sale resellers, vendors, and major regional and national restaurant brands adopting his product.
David (also known as David_L) from was showing off the Digital Dining Point of Sale product, along with some girls from Hooters. He regularly posts on the food forums, and it was great to finally meet him in person.
Dominos Pizza had a corporate meeting at the Texas Restaurant Association, and we met with many franchisees about using TimeForge at their pizza business. Most operators and owners were surprised at how simple TimeForge is to use compared to doing things the “old fashioned” way.
Join us in Dallas for next years Texas Restaurant Show – we have already reserved our booth!
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