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Time and Attendance – Improved in TimeForge

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Improved Time and Attendance Module

TimeForge contains a very powerful and flexible Time and Attendance Module that can be used to track when employees are actually working at your business. The Time and Attendance Module is designed to ease payroll preparation for restaurants, cafes, catering companies, retail businesses … your business!

Using the Time and Attendance Module is extremely simple, requiring that employees simply click “Clock In” and “Clock Out” to clock-in and out of the TimeForge system. Some of the functionalities of the TimeForge Time and Attendance Module include:

  • Restrict employees to specific computers / IP addresses when clocking in (employees must be on site to login!)
  • Require that employees be on the schedule before they can clock-in
  • Compare the theoretical labor schedule to the actual employee clock-in and clock-out
  • Ensure that employees clock-in right on time, no more early clocking in and clocking out
  • Clock employees out when they forget to do so themselves
  • Easily determine which employees are clocked-in, and how much that employee has cost your business
  • Run employee timesheets to prepare for your payroll

Start using the TimeForge Time and Attendance Module today, and stop using punch cards and time clocks!

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