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The process of inputting all of the data that one needs to use a staff scheduling, attendance, or a complete labor management system is now simple with TimeForge Import Tool.
Most of the labor management systems in the business today, TimeForge included, require certain data, including:
Names of employees
Employee phone numbers
Employee email addresses
Birth dates
Usernames and passwords
Positions and job codes
Department names
Base pay rates
Specific pay rates for certain employees
Payroll ID’s
Basic labor rules (age laws, etc…)
Hire dates
… And various other data points that are necessary.
Most users already have the majority of this data stored in various other documents, such as the point of sale system, payroll system, or assorted Excel documents. Gathering all this data and adding it to the labor management system can now be a simple click of a button!
TimeForge is equipped with an Employee, Position, and Department Import Tool, which allows our users to import most of the data mentioned above straight from a CSV file or an Excel file. The wizard is very easy to use – just gather the necessary data together into a CSV file, and then upload that file to TimeForge with the click of a button.
You will be able to see the information before it is imported, and TimeForge will automatically take care of any needed updates to your existing information. To find the Import Tool, look in the Setup menu.
TimeForge labor management software provides employee scheduling and attendance management that can save you time and money.

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