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by Jackie Kafka, TimeForge Marketing Associate
My life gets pretty busy. I work during the day, and study during the evenings and on weekends.  Having some time to interact with my co-workers can be a great way to just relax and enjoy another’s company.
With this thought in mind, I have started to organize some office get-togethers.   The idea was that everyone could take a break from work, relax and socialize, and hopefully go back to work refreshed and focused.  Our first get together was on Thursday, May 23, and we had a sandwich party.  I had put a sign up on our bulletin board the week before, and people signed up to bring bread, meat, cheese, chips, and other sandwich necessities.
The morning of our sandwich party, the table in our main room was covered with food, and our fridge was stocked full of perishables.  As the time of our party (noon thirty) approached, you could feel the excitement growing.  Anthony said, “I’m hungry,” and Ethan added, “yeah, when are we going to eat?”
Audrey, Stacy, and I laid out the food and plates for everyone, and soon you couldn’t see the surface of the table.  Everyone began to drift into the main room and soon we were all eating and talking and laughing.  Cole would tell stories and Audrey would add in comments that made everyone laugh.  Stacy talked about what she was working on and everyone made fun of New Mexico (in an endearing way), which is where I am from.  In short, everyone had a good time and I think it is safe to say that the sandwich party was a success.
I plan on organizing more office parties, hopefully one every week.  Everyone has gotten on board with the idea and are coming up with ideas.  Grilling.  A trip to go get pie.  Playing Frisbee in a park.  Going to see a movie on the weekend.  Not only are these get-togethers fun, they’re a great way to build employee morale by giving everyone a chance to take their mind off work and relax.  Also, the comradery that is developed really builds a team mentality so that everyone begins to help each other and work together.
I think it’s safe to say that the office get-togethers are here to stay.  I’m thinking our next little party may be a trip to go see one of the new summer movies that has come out…

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