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TimeForge changelog update — new "Leave Type" settings!

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We’re always busy adding new functionalitites to our apps based on our customers’ feedback and suggestions. Here’s a quick description of just one recent example.
We added new functionality to the Leave Type Setup page to give you even more flexibility when creating PTO (paid time off) and other leave types. Now, you can designate how many hours an employee must work within a given pay period before they can accrue time off. Additionally, you can stipulate the amount of hours that must be accrued before the employee is able to use that time.
These are great tools to use if your policy states that employees only accrue Leave once they’ve worked overtime, for example, or if they must use a full day (8 hours) at a time.
The new features are highlighted in red below. In this example, an employee will receive 1 hour of PTO every hour they’ve worked after they hit 80 hours in the pay period. But, that employee won’t be able to use the time off until they’ve accrued 8 hours.

PTO settings screenshot

We are constantly working to create practical solutions in our software applicable to companies of any size. If you’re a customer with an idea or a request for how our apps could be better, just let us know!

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