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TimeForge Software Update – Version 1.3 Now Live

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We’re proud to present the latest version of TimeForge, version 1.3, the most advanced employee scheduling software available for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

After weeks of testing, and more feedback from our valued users (thanks for your feedback!), we have added new features to ensure that TimeForge works the way you, and your management team, work.

Some of the new features include:

  • Improved tab interface provides easy navigation around TimeForge.
  • Our new Setup Wizard will have you up and running within minutes, streamlining the input of positions, base pay rates, and employee specific information.
  • Skill levels can now be applied to shifts and employees to build more accurate schedules that reflect your needs to have experienced staff at certain times. Skill Levels now work with the AutoScheduler™!
  • Text message notifications for your staff will now consider your time zone, and will notify employees during appropriate business hours.
  • Easily copy existing schedules or templates with one click – create a schedule for next week in a matter of seconds.
  • Many of the reports have been improved.

Version 1.4 should be released to our customers (at no extra charge!), with new features, on May 11, 2007. If there are any features you’d like to see in the software, which might help your spend more time “on-the-floor”, and less time sitting in front of a bunch of sticky-notes, please let us know!

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