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Is TimeForge Your Special Sauce?

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We’ll be following this post up with a discussion about our staff scheduling and labor management competitors – but for now, we really need to point something out.  We have customers signing up, every single day.  Customers from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and even China.
In almost every case, TimeForge customers consider TimeForge part of their special sauce that runs their business.  Having TimeForge is a competitive advantage.  Our customers have staff members (team members, associates, etc…) that know what’s going on, and their managers are happier schedulers.  That means our customers’ competitors (like that restaurant across the street, or the other vet clinic in town) aren’t being run as efficiently.  They’re losing precious money on their labor.  Their schedules aren’t as efficient.  They have a higher turnover.
… Their employees aren’t happy.
… Their managers aren’t happy.
… Their customers aren’t happy.
So, we have a pretty strict policy here at TimeForge to not go around blabbing our mouths about customers who have signed up.  You won’t see us self-promoting with a blog post saying “Congratulations, Restaurant X has joined our family.”  Not unless they’ve told us specifically and explicitly that they want us to promote their business.  If they want to tell the world, by all means, please do so.
Your secret is safe with us!

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