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TimeForge Updates for December

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It’s been a while since we’ve written on the blog about TimeForge improvements, but we have been hard at work adding features, improving functionality, and otherwise making TimeForge a better tool for your staff and your business.
Some of these improvements include training videos, which can be found on TimeForge’s Manual , the videos cover many aspects of TimeForge, including attendance and time cards, scheduling, employee management, and much more.
In addition to the expanded manual, many other improvements are included in our latest TimeForge release.   The most recent update, which happened about a week ago, includes more than 100 new features, improvements, and changes , and every one of our customers is already running the latest and greatest version of TimeForge.
Some of these new features include:

  • Faster page loading on all TimeForge pages. If you are on a DSL or Cable connection in the United States, most of the TimeForge web site should load in less than a second!   Get done, get out, and go home faster!
  • The Schedule Detail View is improved, and faster. Our Schedule Detail continues to expand in functionality, and you can now schedule by station or section, or swap the scheduled employees with a single click.
Schedule Detail View
  • Create a default location for each employee. Managing staff members who can work at multiple stores (or locations) can be extremely difficult.   TimeForge makes staff management easy, enabling your management team to get done quickly and get back to business.   You can set up a default (or home) location for staff members, which will ensure that the AutoScheduler schedules the employee at their default location first, where possible.
Default Staff Member Location
  • Create a default department for each employee. Managing staff members who can work in more than one department can be complicated.   You can set up a default (or home) department for staff members, which will ensure that the AutoScheduler schedules the employee into their default department first, where possible.
Default Department for a Staff Member
  • Automatically approve requests when employees are “available to work” or “want to work“. Instead of spending your time managing requests for employees who want to work, these requests can be automatically approved without needing manager intervention.   For example, an employee who normally cannot work on Wednesday because of their class schedule can request to work online and will not need manager approval to request to work on Wednesday (normally, she will need approval to actually pick up a shift).

Automatically Approve Work Requests

Check back soon, as we’ll be discussing some of the other TimeForge features that have been recently added!
You should be using a labor management system to make your life easier! TimeForge can quickly and easily build your staff schedules, manage attendance, reduce labor costs, and streamline employee management. Sign up for a trial today!

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