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New Update: Here's What You Can Look Forward To!

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TimeForge releases a new update tonight. In addition to Attendance Lite, TimeForge’s completely free attendance monitoring service being available at, here’s what you can expect.

Pay Rate Report shows employees’ current and previous pay rates for fast comparison.

Sales Data can now show sales percentage and actual value based on projected sales at the same time.

Birthday Reminders allow managers to view current and next day employee birthdays.

Templates can now be made from any schedule length and shift configuration for complete customization.

Time Off Requests can now be limited to being made a maximum number of days in advance.

Pay Rate Changes can now automatically trigger an alert to be sent to selected managers.

Meal Penalties can now be designated within the schedule to avoid being counted as over-time.

Minimum Wage Report can be customized per location and allow managers to easily determine if combined wages and tips acquired by staff meet minimum wage requirements.

Holidays can now be designated as “working” or “non-working” with corresponding variances in pay.

Employee View now available to provide managers and supervisors with fast access to their own schedules.

We have also corrected some bugs and other oddities within TimeForge.

  • Terminated employees can no longer be messaged via the TimeForge internal messenger.

  • Notations are made to attendance when the time on the POS or biometric time clock is wrong (i.e.- If your POS system loses power and the time is reset to an earlier time while employees are clocked in. TimeForge will indicate the “clock in” and “clock out” times to be the same and will notify managers of the issues. The manager can then adjust the incorrect time and modify the attendance entries accordingly.)

If you have any questions regarding the new or changed features, you can contact us at [email protected] or call 866-684-7191. Thank you for your business!

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