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One workforce system for HR, Ops, and Finance

Hire and retain employees, get managers back on the floor, and keep labor costs in check with one labor solution for everyone

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In retail, most departments work in silos, and everyone blames others for poor profitability

Finger pointing is common and everything is harder than it needs to be.

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Ops isn't getting the right paperwork to HR on time

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HR isn't hiring the right people on time

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Finance doesn't know where the money is going fast enough

It's time to eliminate silos for easier profits

TimeForge unites Ops, HR, and Finance, eliminating silos. A shared view, data, and goals transform your team into your dream team. The result? Easier profitability.

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TimeForge dashboard

One dashboard with real-time information, not lagging indicators

Imagine going from a 3-month diagnostic oil change to a swift check of your speedometer. TimeForge enables your team to proactively plan and monitor the plan in real time.

Plan and adapt for more profits and a happier team:

Ops icon dashboard

Data for Ops, Finance, and HR means better planning

The right people have the right information ahead of time so they can make a better plan.

  • YoY data to inform goals
  • AI forecasted sales and labor
  • Labor optimization for aces in their places
  • Dashboard with choice of ops, HR, and finance metrics
Alerts and reports icon

Real-time reporting for agile management

Your people will know before stuff goes wrong so they can make better decisions.

  • Proactive labor and sales alerts
  • Notifications to the right people with the right info
  • Text, cell, and email messaging
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc reports
Easy communication icon

Communication for a better worker experience

With the leaders all on the same page, the employee experience sucks less. Happy people stay longer.

  • Employees always know when they are working
  • Self-service through the mobile app
  • Can message managers, submit time off requests
  • Can get paid the same-day, instantly

As a growing grocery company, we needed a solution that would consolidate our HR and operations needs and increase our overall efficiency. Using TimeForge’s schedule enforcement features, we were able to reduce overtime costs by 72%, for an estimated savings of $95,940 over the course of a year. 

That is a great return on investment, but combining that with a mobile app where our team can access schedules, availability requests, and hours worked is substantial. To see these differences in a snapshot has been a game changer for our team.

Rob Marsh, Chief Operating Officer, Pyramid Foods

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TimeForge is more than best-in-class scheduling software, it’s a full labor management platform designed to save your business time and money. We don’t think labor management should be hard. That’s why our software takes care of the tedious stuff, so that you can focus on the things that matter. Learn more about our award winning retail labor management system, sign up for a free trialcontact us, or request a live demo to find out how our 15+ years of experience and cutting-edge tools can keep you and your team on the same page.