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Task Management and Store Execution Software to Keep Your Team Productive and Accountable

Track, rate, and follow up on everyday but important tasks

Example task management to-do list with completed and rated tasks versus an incomplete task

TimeForge’s task management software helps you ensure that every task required to keep your business running smoothly is done and done well. We simplify task management and team execution by allowing you to create customizable checklists that work the way your teams work. As each task is completed, it can be checked off the list on a tablet or smartphone, which means your staff can take their to-do lists anywhere.

Our task management solution is extremely flexible in how it can be used and offers additional features, such as a task rating system, document and image attachments, and follow ups to help increase accountability and attention to detail.

A complete task management tool that works the way you do.

With TimeForge's task management software...

Empower your staff with mobile to-do lists

Our task management software can be accessed via tablet or smartphone, so you can bring it with you. Complete tasks as you go, whether on the retail floor, restaurant kitchen, or warehouse. It’s easy to track progress, too, because each task list shows what’s been completed, what still needs to be done, and what’s waiting for a follow up. Everything is updated in real time. And because it’s cloud based, you can view it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Customize your checklists and tasks

Team execution has never been easier. Our task management tools are designed to work the way you work. Create a list for anything you can imagine, whether it’s a simple closing checklist or a set of vital tasks to prepare for an event. Put specific staff members or departments in charge of each list and prioritize tasks as needed. If a specific task might require a comment, rating, or follow up, you can enable these options in the feature settings with a few simple clicks.

Attach documents and images

TimeForge task management helps teams collaborate in a number of ways. One of those ways is through easy file attachments. Snap a photo of a spill or piece of equipment and upload it to the task. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! If you’re in the grocery industry, they can also be important for compliance reasons, too. Our software can help you stay compliant by ensuring you have required logs and records.

Improve store execution by adding ratings to tasks

As your staff complete each task on a checklist, they have the option to give a 1 to 5 star rating. For example, a supervisor could rate how good an item display looked at the time of their walk through. Our task management software also displays average ratings for recurring tasks, making it possible to keep track of how well your business performs over time. This feature can be enabled or disabled when you create your checklist.

Overcome execution challenges

If there’s a problem, or if something needs to be double checked, you can assign a follow up to a task. This is a quick and easy way to flag something as needing additional attention. Simply assign a specific person to follow up on the task by a given due date, and things will never fall through the cracks again. When a follow up is assigned to a team member, it will show up in their to-do list automatically. Just like task ratings and comments, this feature can be enabled or disabled as needed.

Allow comments and communicate effectively

Some tasks might benefit from feedback from team members, some might not. Some tasks might need explanation, some might just need to be checked off the list to say that they were done. For example, in a restaurant setting, a staff member might leave a comment about supplies getting low or a piece of equipment that might need attention. Either way, you have the flexibility to choose whether to allow comments on tasks as they’re completed.

Receive timely reminders and notifications

Want to know whether a task is being completed on schedule? No problem! Our task management software sends out notifications and reminders to the managers you specify. Notifications are sent out when a checklist becomes available to complete. This would be once a week for a weekly checklist, for example. Reminders are sent when items become past due.

Create single-time tasks or recurring tasks

For things that only need to happen once in a blue moon, there’s single time tasks. Once they’re done, they’re done. For everything else, you can choose a cadence that works best for your business. Our software supports daily, weekly, and custom cadence tasks. You can even set a task to never end.

Enjoy flexibility in your task management software

Our task management solution is incredibly simple yet flexible. It works the way you work. Group tasks in categories meaningful to your business, such as ‘Kitchen’ or ‘Warehouse’. Then, set cadences and reminders that keep you on task and on target.