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Who we are, what we do, and how to use our software

A man and a woman in aprons, appearing to learn TimeForge on their tablets

If you’re here, it’s because you want to learn more about TimeForge. We have several resources to get you the help and information you need, from our friendly help desk to our online how-to guides and searchable manuals. Our online resources will help you learn TimeForge quickly and easily, and if you ever get stuck, our rockstar support team is here for you.

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Learn more about partnering with TimeForge. We're interested in general partners as well as integration partners.

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Learn how to use TimeForge

Visit our Knowledge Base

Did you know TimeForge has a whole website dedicated to learning our software?

Knowledge Base

Visit our knowledge base for how-to guides.

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Our Core Values

Service. Customers come first. We solve for the customer’s difficulty, no matter how small. Our success is their success, and vice-versa.

Innovation. We innovate so that customers can focus on what they do best. At TimeForge, we are always growing, learning, and delivering a little more than yesterday.

Truth. We speak it. We are quick to admit mistakes, and we are candid and direct. With every interaction, we operate with kind honesty and only say things that we will stand behind.

Ownership. We own our actions and the actions of others. We work to correct our ignorance and always embrace others’ expertise.

Love. Our hearts are in the work. We show up like every day is the best day. We expect a lot of each other and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. If we stop loving it, then we’re doing it wrong.