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About Flyght

Flyght is a technology services company that provides a feature-rich, cloud-based unification platform for restaurants, retail, and hospitality businesses. Flyght allows operators to build a unified technology platform for their business that goes beyond just a simple point of sale. In addition, Flyght ties point of sale, mobile ordering, kiosk ordering, online ordering, catering systems, customer engagement, workforce automation, network security, physical security and access control, voice, internet, television, music, inventory, accounting, reporting, and real-time management so operators can focus on their most important tasks.

What can TimeForge + Flyght do for you?

Both TimeForge and Flyght specialize in cloud-based technology solutions designed to save operators time and money. Businesses using both platforms can benefit from centralized labor management which is seamlessly integrated with Flyght’s omnichannel POS. This ensures that operators always have access to the data they need to make the best decisions possible. For example, restaurant managers using TimeForge to schedule their labor can take advantage of our powerful sales forecasting engine to create perfect schedules in just a few minutes, based on historical sales from any one of FlyghtPOS’s order entry modes.

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