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Clover POS Integration

Optimize your labor when you integrate TimeForge with Clover POS

About Clover

Clover point of sale (POS) makes running a business a breeze. Take orders and accept payments for them. Organize your inventory and manage the team. Grow a loyal customer base. With Clover, everything you need is at the tips of your fingers. Clover’s POS software syncs with the cloud, so you can easily check your sales, refunds, deposits, and reports from anywhere. At Clover, they believe your POS system should be tailored to your needs and scale with your business. Which is why they’ll help you build the system you need now, and then expand with devices, apps, and accessories as you grow.

About TimeForge + Clover

TimeForge integrates with Clover POS to bring your sales and labor in sync. By syncing your data between the two platforms, you can take advantage of powerful metrics and advanced scheduling and attendance options. These options allow you to enforce staff schedules, forecast your sales, and ensure you have the right people staffed when you need them the most. In addition, TimeForge offers hundreds of pre built reports, including the ability to view hourly sales and time card data. Even better, you can view your sales and labor metrics from anywhere in the palm of your hand with our smart Manager mobile app for Android and iOS.

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Why integrate?